[TRANS] SHINee’s interview for Mini August Magazine 110809

1. Places in Japan you wanted to visit?
Taemin: Disneyland. I want to play with all my strength.
Jonghyun: I like to eat a lot of delicious foods and also unagi-don ( A bowl of eel and rice). I also want to visit onsen! (hot spring)
Onew: Disneyland and Tokyo tower. I want to go to amusement park because I want to ride in a thrilling ride.
Key: Harajuku. Don Quijote (Laughs).
Minho: I love Ramen. I would like to go to Sapporo once again.

2. Favorite Japanese word?
Taemin: Boku no nihonggo no sensei ni natte kudasai! (Please be my Japanese teacher!)
Jonghyun: Shouga nai na ~ (I can’t help it~)
Onew: Dare desuka? (who are you?)
Key: Uretemasu! (This sell well!)
Minho: Tensai! (Genius)

3. Favorite JPOP?
Taemin: Onitsuka Chihiro’s “Gekkou”
Jonghyun: L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Songs
Onew: Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”
Key: Hirai Ken’s “Hitomi wo Tojite”
Minho: Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Milk Tea”

4. Favorite type of girls?
Taemin: A nice and a cute girl.
Jonghyun: A type of girl who has a distinct personality.
Onew: A type of girl who can lead me.
Key: Stylish, smart and has a honest personality.
Minho: A person who has a great smile and neat.

5. Words that made you happy by a fan?
Taemin: (Japanese Fan’s) appearance are really cute when they try to speak clumsy Korean and call our names and also do their best to prepare the words to speak to us makes me feel good.
Jonghyun: I’m so happy if they call my name in Japanese intonation.
Onew: When they always praise me.
Key: (When they watch our performances) They will say Amazing!
Minho: He is also handsome in person! (laughs)

6. What would you like to do if you have 1 day holiday?
Taemin: I would like to travel.
Jonghyun: Turn off my cellphone and laze around all day.
Onew: Traveling, sleeping, To eat delicious foods…When I do this all this is the best!
Key: Traveling.
Minho: I would like to play soccer with my friends and take a full rest. I also like to travel abroad.

7. I’m unexpectedly “OO” kind of person.
Taemin: A “big (heavy)” eater.
Jonghyun: My Body is “weak” (laughs)
Onew: Have a great “interest” in fashion (laughs)
Key: A “quiet and calm”person.
Minho: “sensitivity” to cold

8. Fashion item you bought recently.
Taemin: Pants
Jonhgyun: Hat
Onew: Half Pants
Key: A vintage item I bought from Paris
Minho: A bright colored jeans

9. Recently you’re into…?
Taemin: Listening to JPOP and studying Japanese.
Jonghyun: Studying Japanese while watching anime.
Onew: Listening to music.
Key: Studying Japanese, Exercising and Practicing Singing.
Minho: A game called “Winning Eleven”, Watching Japanese Dramas.

10. This is why SHINee is awesome! what is it?
Taemin: To show you our individuality and ability, we are always studying.
Jonghyun: Member’s individuality are in great quantity. When I’m with the members, I’m really happy!
Onew: Members individuality are overflowing.
Key: SHINee has only SHINee’s color. Only SHINee who can challenge at all times.
Minho: Passionate! We could show you different side in stage.

English Translation by: Keycifer0923

photo credit : tonghyun


SHINee for Japanese Magazine ‘Mini’ – http://tumblr.com/xlr3z1px71

Got it from : FOREVER_SHINee


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