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[Eng Trans] Onew’s Star Call 110921

Hello everyone, it’s SHINee’s Onew..
It’s been a long while since I’ve greeted everyone through a star call…
Recently, we’ve travelled to many different countries….such as Russia….etc….hehe….just many different countries.
Really, it’s been a very long time since I’ve greeted you all so now I want to greet you guys ^^
I wonder how have you guys been?
Hope everyone continues to be happy and please continue to give SHINee lots and lots of love ♥
Everyone, please wait a little more ^▽^

Translation by: vivz @ soompi



Precious Jonghyun Enjoying himself @ MBC 3rd Idol Star Athletics Championships 110827

LOL, what is he doing?!

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Taemin likes to trim Jjongs’ hairy leg ㅋㅋㅋ

cr as tagged

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SHINee for Vogue Japan

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[Eng] Key me2day Update 110826

[Key] 잘 보이려나…다들 궁금해 하셨을 런던공연때의 사진입니다. ‘ㅂ’ 민호군과 함께 탈출했다는…ㅋㅋㅋ

不晓得看得清楚吗… 这是大家都会蛮好奇的伦敦公演时的照片。’ㅂ’ 是和珉豪君一起出逃的…ㅋㅋㅋ

Wonder if it is clear… this is a photo taken during London performance, which everyone is curious of ~’ㅂ’ ran out with Minho goon… ㅋㅋㅋ

Credit: SHINee me2day

Korean to Chinese Translation Credit: keybomi @ weibo

Chinese to English Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee

he updated at 5:11PM KST.

Got it from: FOREVER_SHINee

[Scans] SHINee on Japanese Magazine “ORISUTA”

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[scans] SHINee @ Japanese Magazine “Monthly the Television”

Credit: theTONGHYUN

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(Photos) SHINee reveals fun pictorial for ‘Maypole’ 2011 F/W collection

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#SWCNANJING The SHINee Concert in Nanjing 110820

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[TRANS] SHINee’s interview for Mini August Magazine 110809

1. Places in Japan you wanted to visit?
Taemin: Disneyland. I want to play with all my strength.
Jonghyun: I like to eat a lot of delicious foods and also unagi-don ( A bowl of eel and rice). I also want to visit onsen! (hot spring)
Onew: Disneyland and Tokyo tower. I want to go to amusement park because I want to ride in a thrilling ride.
Key: Harajuku. Don Quijote (Laughs).
Minho: I love Ramen. I would like to go to Sapporo once again.

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